Rev. Helen Hickson

Helen Hickson

Coming to ministry later in life means that I bring experience from a variety of places including teaching and counselling.

Who we are and what we bring to our discipleship way of life is, I believe, born out of our joy and passion in life. I am passionate about community, recognising networks of people with different skills and abilities and together, helping to mend the nets by which we hold the most vulnerable among us.

In all this, I am a storyteller: whether in school assemblies sharing God's story among us; or conducting a funeral, weaving the human story with God's; or writing a sermon, finding ways to embody and celebrate the stories of God, known through Christ and witnessed in numerous lives. Stories can be healing, particularly when we recognise God's story running through our lives, including the more difficult seasons.

'In the beginning was the WORD' and that word is alive, healing and transforming. I look forward to hearing your stories as well as sharing a few chapters of my own.